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We are the people who are driving Issabel development, one of the most popular open source platforms for Unified Communications available today.
Issabel Network subscription gives you access to many useful modules and services.

Issabel Network Basic

$ 100 per year *
  • Includes:
    - Wizard Module
    - Web Console Module
    - Packet Capture Module
    - Theme Designer Module
    - uPnP Control Module
    - Two Factor Auth
    - Dynamic DNS Service
  • * One subscription per server

Our Modules


Configuration Wizard

Great time saving module!
Setup a batch of extensions and your outbound routes in a few seconds.


Theme Designer

Do you want to have your own color scheme and logo in the GUI?
Now you can create your own theme directly from your browser!


Packet Capture

This is a great debugging tool.
It shows network packet flow graphically, ideal to troubleshoot VoIP issues.


uPnP Control

Setup port forwarding quickly and easily without even touching your uPnP router configuration.


Web Console

Get acces to the Issabel command line from the Web GUI without exposing your SSH port directly from your browser.


Realtime Blackhole

Bump your Issabel PBX security with realtime filtering of aggresive IPs by checking a DNS based black list.


Two Factor Auth

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to the administrative web GUI by adding a second time based factor to the login process that attackers can hardly guess.


Dynamic DNS

The Dynamic DNS service assigns your server a special and unique DNS name in Issabel's guru domain, and updates your public server IP address periodically, so you can reach your server using the same DNS name instead of a variable/changing IP address.

How to

Need help with module installation?


Install the "Issabel License" Addon

You can find it in the Addons menu. After installation, Issabel license will be available under the Addons menu. This process requires a registered Issabel server with internet connection.


Register your License

Navigate to the Issabel License module under the Addons tab. Click on the "Register Addon License button" and enter your serial code.


Install Modules

Now you can enjoy all the modules included in your subscription plan. Install them from the Addons menu.


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